MySQL – Enterprise – Installation – Linux

Phase #1 –  PreRequisites MAKE SURE A MOUNT POINT /MySql IS CREATED BEFORE RUNNING THIS SCRIPT………………………… Creating the symbolic soft link for parallel database updations ln -s /data /MySql/mysqldb ln -s /data /MySql/mysql_db Soft Links Created. User and Group Adding. groupadd -g27 mysql echo ‘System Group mysql created with GID 27.’ useradd -m -d /var/lib/mysql -g mysql -G mysql -p root123 -u 27 mysql echo ‘System User mysql created with UID 27 home dir=/var/lib/mysql.’ echo ‘root’ >>cron.allow echo ‘mysql’ >>cron.allow service crond restart echo ‘added the user mysql to the cron’ DIRECTORY STRUCTURE CREATION mkdir -p /MySql/mysqldb/configfiles mkdir -p /MySql/mysqldb/datadump mkdir -p /MySql/mysqldb/software_depot mkdir -p /MySql/mysqldb/dbbackup mkdir -p /MySql/mysqldb/archival echo ‘DIRECTORY STRUCTURE COMPLETE’ CONTAINER CREATION mkdir -p /MySql/mysql_db/mysql/2345/var/lib/mysql mkdir -p /MySql/mysql_db/mysql/2345/tmp mkdir -p /MySql/mysql_db/mysql/2345/var/log/binlogs echo ‘CONTAINER STRUCTURE COMPLETE.’ SOFTWARE DEPOT PRE-REQUISITES mkdir -p /MySql/mysqldb/software_depot/meb cp /tmp/meb/bin /MySql/mysqldb/software_depot/meb/bin mkdir -p /opt/product/meb ln -s /MySql/mysqldb/software_depot/meb/bin /opt/product/meb sh mysqlbackup –help echo ‘SUCCESSFULL LINKED MEB’ chown -R mysql:mysql /opt/ /MySql/mysqldb/ /MySql/mysql_db/ echo ‘PRE-REQUISITES COMPLETED

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